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Rotary 360 Degrees Red LED Light 5-in-1 Eye/Face Therapeutic Massage

Rotary 360 Degrees Red LED Light 5-in-1 Eye/Face Therapeutic Massage

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Upgrade your skincare routine with our 5-in-1 skincare tool wand. The 360 degree rotary eye massager provides therapeutic warmth and red LED light to revitalize tired eyes. Plus, it doubles as a face massager for a complete spa experience. Get glowing, healthy skin with a simple twist!

1. Microcurrent: Microcurrent uses low-voltage energy to stimulate the muscles and deeper layers of the skin, helping with signs of aging and promoting smooth, healthy skin.
2. Red Light Therapy Optimal range of LED red light at 660nm helps deeply rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance and vibrancy of the skin.
3. Facial Massage: Low vibration provides a gentle massage, helping decrease the appearance of puffiness and boosting the skin’s natural radiance.
4. Therapeutic Warmth Warming wand head helps to increase the absorption of skin care products, reduce redness, and support healthy, glowing skin.
5. The skin care Wand is a seamlessly designed beauty tool that integrates 4 powerful functions into the ultimate skincare experience. Crafted with an aluminum alloy, the skin care Wand is simple to clean and easily rechargeable via its micro-USB port.


360 degrees rotary has the appearance design patent.

Product Details:
Function: Microcurrent
Style: vibrating
Color classification: purple, pink, dark blue
Specifications: New eye beauty instrument (color box packaging)

Package Contents:
Plastic Introducer X1

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