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Xiaomi Mijia ZINK Self-adhesive AR Video Color Thermal Printer

Xiaomi Mijia ZINK Self-adhesive AR Video Color Thermal Printer

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Print on-the-go with the New Original Portable Mini Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer! This wireless Bluetooth printer uses thermal technology to produce high-quality, self-adhesive prints in vibrant color. With AR video capabilities, you can bring your photos to life! Perfect for capturing and sharing memories, this printer is a must-have for any photo enthusiast.


Brand Name: XIAOMI

Print Speed: 20ppm

Type: Pocket Printer

Origin: Mainland China

Supports Network Printing: Wireless

Paper Feed Mode: manual

Interface Type: Bluetooth

Max Paper Size: A0

Double-sided Printing: No

Choice: yes

• Portable Pocket Printer :This Xiaomi pocket printer is a compact and portable device, perfect for on-the-go printing needs. Its small size makes it easy to carry around, yet it offers full printing functionality.

• Bluetooth Wireless Connection :Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this printer ensures a wireless connection with your device, providing a seamless printing experience without the need for cables or wires.

• 20ppm Print Speed :With a print speed of 20ppm, this printer can quickly output high-quality prints, saving you time and enhancing your printing efficiency.

• Manual Paper Feed Mode :The manual paper feed mode allows you to feed papers manually, offering flexibility and control over your printing process.

• Self-Adhesive Color Printing :The printer features self-adhesive color printing, providing vibrant and durable prints that stick to your desired surface.

• Supports Network Printing :This printer supports network printing, allowing you to print from anywhere as long as you're connected to the same network. This feature expands the possibilities of your printing experience.

• High Print Speed :With a print speed of 20ppm, this portable mini Xiaomi pocket photo printer can quickly and efficiently print your photos and videos.

Together with Toulouse to compromise

Scan AR photos Dynamic videos bring your photos to life

Just record or upload any video when printing a photo, then scan the photo using the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to experience AR virtual photo effects.

Scan the AR audio photo Play the audio and pass on the feeling

Lots of fun templates on the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app Easily express your creativity through photos

One printer can be shared between several people Turn on Bluetooth to add more fun to the party

Bluetooth printing, no Wi-Fi needed Supports multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections, with print jobs added to the queue

Compact design, fits in your pocket

Small as a power bank, easily fits in your pocket. The external case is made of ABS and PC flame-retardant material, which resists deforming and discoloration. The attractive and compact device body features only three buttons.

Sliding lid for easy paper loading

Clear color, instant printing

Highly adhesive sticky-backed photo paper

3-step easy assembly

Step 1: Open the printer's paper tray cover.

Step 2: Place the photo paper into the printer with the barcode on the orange calibration card facing down.

(We recommended loading a full pack each time. The orange calibration card must be at the bottom.)

Step 3: Close the printer's paper tray cover


How to turn on the printer?

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the printer, the printer status indicator light is always white; the printer Bluetooth automatically enters the waiting state for connection, and the Bluetooth indicator light is always orange

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